Somali Meat Company

Somali Meat Company Vision

Mubarak 1 is a modern slaughterhouse which is specialized to produce and export, a quality fresh and frozen meat by applying HALAL slaughtering and adopting of HACCP program. The main purpose for construction was to produce & export, a quality fresh & frozen meat to all over the world, and also to improve the socio-economic of Somali animal production & exporting sector in order to provide guidelines for long term reforms & recovery of the livestock business in the country. In addition to obtain market for the animals and create job opportunity for the neediest people in the country. The level of cleanliness of Mubarak 1 is equal to that of exporting abattoir in most advanced world. Also there is rigorous health program in order to discover fatal animal disease. All animals are inspected before and after slaughtering by well experienced veterinarian by doing post mortem and anti mortem examination. Basically the slaughtering animal is directed towards KIBLAH.


We strive to be a quality leader in all varieties of Chilled/Frozen Halal meat that we compete in.

About Us

To develop new line of animal production and meat supplies that are based on high quality standards and customer values. To provide distinctive quality experience that meets and exceeds customer expectations. Implementing continuous improvement programs based on internal and external research and development.