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Somali Meat Company Mutton

The mission is to produce a quality fresh meat and well hygiene meat for the Somali Society, which is equal to the exporting abattoirs in most advanced countries also has rigorous health program in order to discover fatal animal disease, which are inspected before & after slaughtering and also there is a meat shop related to the slaughterhouse. All slaughtering tools, halls are kept sanitized & disinfected, hence veterinarians regularly carry out their duties, lab technicians & doctors who varies and examines of overall slaughters includes the carcasses to ensure the meat is not contaminated. Furthermore, the slaughtering animals are directed towards the Kipla. Also Mogadishu slaughterhouse has 249 trained with varying background of qualification & experienced workers including administration, accountant, technicians, veterinarian, meat inspectors butchers technical laborers. .


Animal Grassing Center Since the business of the company is the meat of Somali animals, it enforced to create a new center for relaxation, diagnosis of animals health and also for grassing diet. The center comprises of large grassing land with watering wells, large halls for...

About Us

To develop new line of animal production and meat supplies that are based on high quality standards and customer values. To provide distinctive quality experience that meets and exceeds customer expectations. Implementing continuous improvement programs based on internal and external research and development.d