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Somali Meat Company (SOMEAT) privately owned by group of meat exporters and theoretically was established in 1995 for the mission of producing & exporting quality wholesome, and disease free meat, which is fit for human consumption by applying HALAL slaughtering and adopting of HACCP program with fresh & frozen meat to all over the world. SOMEAT has 574 highly trained employees working with excellence background of qualification. The company has house of council, which meets once a year, and executive board who runs the activity of the company habitually, and they have enough experience to manage and oversee. SOMEAT applied two main modern slaughterhouses namely Mubarak 1 at the right side for exportation and Mogadishu at the left side for local only. .


Animal Grassing Center Since the business of the company is the meat of Somali animals, it enforced to create a new center for relaxation, diagnosis of animals health and also for grassing diet. The center comprises of large grassing land with watering wells, large halls for...

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To develop new line of animal production and meat supplies that are based on high quality standards and customer values. To provide distinctive quality experience that meets and exceeds customer expectations. Implementing continuous improvement programs based on internal and external research and development.d